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Chanel Lip Liner

Chanel's newest line of lip liners includes the crayon levres longwear lip pencil and beige naturel line, these liners are designed to give you the most beautiful, beautiful eyes. With the 1 Chanel le crayon levres longwear lip pencil, you'll get the liners top-of-the-heap for suitors high-end applications where a strong line is key, the line also includes the 1 Chanel le crayon levres longwear lip pencil and beige naturel line.

Chanel Lip Liner Swatches

This is a Chanel lip liner in the color levres, it is a longwear liner with a bit of a sour smell. The fabric is a very light weight, and it does not leave your lips feel dry or thin in the middle, the fabric is a bit of a highlighter color, and it makes my that it is manufactured in france. This product is a gift for someone who is your favorite friend, this is a lip liner in chanel's le crayon levres no. 05 mordore nude 11 g its a deep blue and will match any outfit you put it in, this Chanel lip liner is a fun pink color that will make your lips look young and pretty. The liner is manufactured up of 100% natural dry mineral water that provides a long-lasting power to your lipstick color and provides a little ombre effect, Chanel new lip liners are sterling solution for folks who desire to look their best. With the new crayon levres longwear lip pencil line, you can enjoy a beautiful, long wear with your look, the line is available in 154 peachy nude and other best-in-class colors.