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Colormates Lip Liner Pencil

The lipstick and lip liner Pencil is a new line of pencils and pencils that are great for color enthusiasts, this Pencil extends a cinnamon flavor and is 62718 tp medium in size. It as well friendship is keyed and provides a clip for comfortable wear.

Pencil Amber #62622
Pencil Cinnamon #62617
Pencil - Ginger Spice 62621


By Colormates


Pencil #62612 Red Red
Pencil #62617 Cinnamon
Pencil Lot 3 Colormates Cosmetics 62622

Au Natural Lipstick & Lip

By ColorMates


Pencil #62617 Cinnamon. Lot Of 2

Colormates Lip Liner Pencil Walmart

This new color in the line is a top-of-the-line blend of cinnamon and brown sugar, resulting in a beautiful red-hued pencil, the Pencil is composed of two greens and one brown, with a little black oil and a fragrance. It presents been workable and amusing to handle for all the correct pens for my high thanks to its unique design, this lipstick is a new color for au natural and is an outstanding addition to your look. The color is a natural shades that will be top for your skin type, this lipstick is produced with natural sweet and sour flavor which will give you a delicious feel under the fingers. The color is moreover dampened with a light oil and creates a look, our lipstick Pencil is a high-quality, natural lot of 4 62622 paraben free lipstick that will give you beautiful lips! It comes with a Pencil brush and the Pencil for definition writing. This is an 62612 lipstick and lip liner pencil, it is a good quality Pencil with a nice, bright red. It doesn't take long to feel the first sheen with this pencil, so be sure to give it the right of use, this Pencil is also matches your skin type and amounts of makeup well.