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Dessin Des Levres Lip Liner Pencil

Looking for a surrogate to add a little bit of color to your makeup? Don't look anywhere than the Des Levres lip liner! This tool allows you to create individual profiles for each side of your face, making your makeup look more complete and not so exaggerated.

Dessin Des Levres Lip Liner Pencil Ebay

This yves saint laurent lip liner is a terrific choice to get a little color in your cheeks without using a commercial color, the lip liner is a brush filled with water which is then applied to your lip using a thin film. The lip liner then creates a thin shadow over your lip using the other side of the brush, this yves saint laurent Des Levres lip liner is a new item in the store. If you're digging for a new lip liner that's excellent for your look, this one is just what you need! It's 0, 03 oz 11 and it's a beneficial surrogate for the modern woman. This is an amazing dessin's new in box! Yves saint laurent isarydessin's - lip liner lighter 22 yves saint laurent is new in box, this Pencil is an exceptional value for your money. This is a beautiful d' back row view of yves saint laurent's popular lip liner pencils - the 6 or rouge lot, these pencils come with its own set of 6 lip liner brushes, which give you the surrogate to create a best-in-class color for your own face. The lot also includes an 6 or rouge pencil, which is top-of-the-line for creating a more voluptuous look.