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Jouer Lip Liner

Looking for a new and exciting lip liner? Jouer's new creme lip liner is just what you need! This product is 0, 2 g small bottle giving you about 4 coats of product on each lip. What's more, it's black and features an unique design that makes it straightforward to find, go ahead and take your pick.

Jouer Lip Liner Amazon

This long-wear liner is a must-have for any rose-hued look, not only is it a safe and basic substitute to add a little bit of color to you retrue black hair, but it can also delve into more complex shades over more hair. The Jouer long wear liner is a high- perform and also includes a shimmer, this long-wear liner is superb for long-lasting color. The Jouer lip liner is a new, authentic version of the popular rose shimmer liner, this liner is top-of-the-line for in-the-know players and will add a little bit of color and excitement to your look. It imparts a high affinity to the skin giving you a little bit of life back after using a liner for the first time, additionally, Jouer cosmetics long wear lip liner is likewise highly adhesive and will not leave any fleet feet behind. This long-wearing lip liner is top-of-the-line for a last-minute job that looks professional, the rose coloring gives this brush a touch of shimmer, making it splendid for layering. Our aubergine lip liner is long lasting and facile to use, the new in box sauce gives your face to grow. The aubergine liner will never thin out or fade, this lip liner is produced with high quality ingredients and is puissant for any face look.