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La Girl Lip Liner Espresso

Looking for a fun and! New lip liner that you can trust? Try La Girl lip liner Espresso with this 6 lip liner cards! These cards red and black, and offer up all your favorite colors to choose from, the cards are small enough for basic readability when settlements you searching for.

La Girl Espresso Lip Liner

La Girl Espresso lip liner pencil is a fantastic alternative for people who wish to up the eye injector capacity in their look, this pencil offers a wide selection of colors that are sure to please. The La Girl lip liner pencil is a new alternative to reach for the stars with your mascara, choose from three different shades to get a terrific look for your outfit. La Girl lip liner - chocolate is a high quality, professional line of lip liner products by La girl, this 3 pack free shipping on purchase of lip liner as follows: - Espresso pencil - brown pencil - green pencil - blue pencil - black pencil what's included in this set? This set includes La girl's regular line of lip liner products, which include: brown, green, blue, black, and a pencil. Our La Girl lip liner pencil is an enticing addition to your makeup collection, it's Espresso coloured and presents a stylish blade. The pencil is soft and smooth to use, making it a splendid surrogate for everyday use or for writing.