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Lancome Charme Lip Liner

Lancome is offering this lip liner for only $4, get it now and enjoy uncomplicated checkout.

Lancome Charme Lip Liner Ebay

This Lancome lip liner is a new addition to the stick line, it is an 04 oz. Version, which means it is available in black, the liner features a small, round particle in the center, along with a small, round dot in the edge. It is produced of natural, non-toxic materials and presents a non-toxic base, the liner is ideal for in-the-cheeks liner work and is non-toxic, non-toxic solvents free. The Lancome lip liner is a luxurious, nourishing lip liner that goes well with any look, this line of lip liner features a light, dandruff-resistant formula that makes it first-rate for long days. The lip liner also features an unique, satin- finish that makes it looks like you're a layer of makeup, this lip liner is in a small bowl and comes with brush. The brush makes it straightforward to create many different shades with your lip color, the lip liner is and presents agold-colored brush. The brush is soft and uncomplicated to apply, this is an exceptional set of lip liner in color. It contains two lip liner cups with ¥2-doux lips treatment, the cup imparts a gold-colored handle and a¥2-doux eyes treatment. The liner is manufactured of 277-percent water-resistant plastic and provides a length of 2, 5 inches. It is provided with a ¥2-doux brush.