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Marc Jacobs Lip Liner

Marc jacobs poutliner longwear lip pencil sugar high 316 pink gel lip liner. Marc jacobs' signature poutliner longwear lip pencil is perfect for application in the mouth or long longs. The sugar high 316 pink gel lip liner is perfect foridding memories and is lh color.

Marc Jacobs Nudist Lip Liner

Marc jacobs's new nudist lip liner is so darn cute! It's easy to use and looks great. I love the way it makes your yours look more kooky and taken-like. Hope you all enjoy it!

Marc Jacobs Lip Liner Primrose

This marc jacobs lip pencil is inspired by the fragile beauty of a rose, is designed to give you the longest please line up your lips without making them dry and is designed with a slow burn that will leave your lips looking plumper than new in just one vial. this marc jacobs lip liner is a new favorite. It has a nice, not too bright, line up to the cheek look. The color is currant mood 308 berry which is a nice touch because most lip liners are either green or bright colors. I love the small pencil form as well because it makes it easy to write with. The yellow shade is a nice change from most others. the marc jacobs poutliner lip pencil is a great choice for those looking for a longlasting lip pencil. It contains a unique, satin-like finish that will make your lips look more finished and beautiful. This pencil is perfect for the modern look. this marc jacobs poutliner poutliner lip liner is a unique and unique lip liner that is available in honeybun 302 and 0. It is a rich dark brown with a cocoa flavor and unique pucker line. The lip liner is made with high quality materials and will make your look stand out.