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Milani Lip Liner

Looking for a fun and exciting surrogate to add color to your look? Inquire into Milani color statement lip liner nude! This versatile liner offers a fun and interesting look for your store, choose from a range of colors to create the look you see here.

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By Milani


#10 Cocoa

Lot of 2 Milani Color

By Milani


Milani Lip Liner Cafe

This is a Milani color statement lip liner in nude, it is 3. 4 ounces, and it comes in three colors: black, red, and green, the color is very simple and strong, yet delicate and delicate at the same time. It makes for a be this lip liner is an exceptional substitute to say " pretty pink! "! The pretty pink color is with the touch, making your skin feel nice and soft, this Milani sugar plum lip liner is a splendid addition to your look. The liner uses a white lead content which gives the eye a bit more life, making it look more awake and alive, the liner also contains black plum ingredients which gives the skin a more dark purple look. This Milani all natural lip pencil is a peerless alternative to add a pop of color to your look, it contains a strong black pigment and a delicate white pigment so you can create a variety.