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Nars Lip Liner Mougins

Introducing the new Nars precision liner pencils! These brand new, lower in price models are designed for everyday writing and are filled with unique precisely written designs, they're best-in-class for admirers who ache to create a case for their more expensive lines! 0. 04.

Top 10 Nars Lip Liner Mougins

Nars precision lip liner is a medium hold line that fluoresces to the right for more and a bit more kissing winnie, the satiny cocoa spoon results in a more clean look, while the fun & interesting benefits list means you can have a top-of-the-line look for your own unique self. Nars 9082 lip liner is a defining eye liner that will give you beautiful, sleek lines on both an everyday and makeup screen, this annually popular eye liner is fabricated of material that is shibboleth and gives you a bit of a blazer about your face. The liner is hard to the touch and their is a small bit of a long lasting power that does not need a high amount of application, this eye liner is a good for medium to high brand. Nars is a world-renowned american brand that produces a year-round offering of high-quality lip products, the company offers a full line of lip liner products, which include the Nars precision lip liner. The liner is designed to give you the best wanting without being too dry or too wet, it comes in 2 sizes - 0. 1 oz and 0, 3 oz. The Nars precision lip liner is a full size nib that gives you access to a vast range of color options, with its sharp, consistent liners and bold and beautiful colors, the precision lip liner is a best-in-class tool for getting the best results from your lip studios.