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Nars Lip Liner

If you're hunting for a new, precision-made lip liner, Nars is a valuable choice, this 0. 04 oz, 1 liner is smooth and creamy, providing a clean, bright color. It's outstanding for admirers who covet an enticing line of black pencil to work with.

Nars Lip Liners

Nars is a world-renowned luxury brand that specializes in high-end, high-quality eye makeup, their lip liners are some of the best on the market, and are sure to please everyone from the everyday girl to the professional wanting artist. With its precision design and performance, the Nars lip liner is an unrivaled alternative for everyday wear or special occasions, this is a lip liner with a precision look in it. The new technology gives a more tribulation look, it is black with a black base. Its ingredients are hard plastic which makes it effortless to handle and avoid any gentle use, it imparts a thin consistency which makes it basic to apply. It is manufactured with all-purpose ingredients which means that it will work on all skin types, the Nars precision lip liner is an innovative, modern take on a favorite youth line favorite product. With a modern, sleek design, the liner is top-rated for a look that is both modern and classical, the 9072 oz. Lipliner is again highly pigmented and straightforward to work with, providing a professional-grade finish without all the trouble, Nars is a world-renowned luxury lip liner company. Their precision liner pencil is just 4 oz, , so Nars precision lip liner is very small in size. But it lashes out anaya's makeup look like never before, whether you're scouring to add a little excitement or just keep your look simple, the Nars precision liner pencil is a top-of-the-heap choice.