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Nyx Auburn Lip Liner

Introducing the Nyx slim matte lip pencil - first-class for making up your mind about what look you want to get on your next trip to the cosmetics store, the suede matte lipliner is splendid for suitors who ache for the perfect, sleek look.

Cheap Nyx Auburn Lip Liner

The Nyx slim lip pencil is an exceptional way for people digging for a new lip liner, it is black, with a slim shape and a staying power that makes it a dependable choice. The scent keeps everyone's lips feeling sweet and soft, making this is an exceptional alternative for day wear, the Nyx slim pencil is a splendid tool for any redhead who wants to today's look like an 10-year-old. With its sleek design and fine particles, the Nyx pencil gives your weaponry an extra layer of protection, the Nyx slim lip liner pencil is a beautiful, bright Auburn color. This pencil is new and gives never been used, this pencil is produced of plastic and gives a metal design. The pencil is short and presents a diameter of 0, 04 ounces. It is fabricated of plastic and extends a hard case, the Nyx Auburn slp 801 is a professional make-up pen that works colors to create the most natural searching mole. This pen offers a stubbly look and feel, making it first-class for modern look.