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Nyx Leon Lip Liner

The Nyx professional makeup suede matte lip liner is exceptional for enthusiasts hunting for a durable and durable lip liner, it offers a nice, dark chocolate flavor that is sure to please. This liner is conjointly compatible with the Nyx professional makeup suede matte lip pen.

Leon Nyx Lip Liner

This Nyx liner is a first-class way for admirers scouring for a professional-grade lip liner, it is black, and measures 2-in-1 capability with an 50% redacted morbidity. This liner uses a low traveling pressure which means it down its surface which makes it look like it's rolling on the ground, this Nyx lip liner is a beautiful, new style that features a natural red suede finish. It grants a very smooth and effortless to handle and my favorite part about it is the fact that it does not smudge and it does not need to be blotched which makes it excellent for medium to long use, the lemon flavor effortless to desire and will match most colors. This lip liner comes with a case and is available in reboot, lemon, suede, and black, the Nyx suede matte lip liner is prime for lovers who yearn for a best-in-class fresh sealed look. With a lightweight, smooth feel, Nyx suede matte lip liner is uncomplicated to adopt and provides a healthy hunting flush, made with a decision-wise design, the Nyx suede matte lip liner is a top surrogate for any look.