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Nyx Waterproof Lip Liner

The Nyx Waterproof lip liner is sensational for admirers who desire the pick your 1 color joys cosmetics line, the line offers a variety of colors that are sure to please. The liner is slim and straightforward to use, making it a fantastic alternative for the modern girl.

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Waterproof Pencil, 19 Shade's

NYX Mechanical Retractable Lip Liner



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NYX Slim Matte Lip Pencil



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Nyx Suede Matte Lip Liner

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14 NYX Slide On Lip



Nyx Lip Liner Waterproof

The liner is a new and exclusive Waterproof slide on liner from nyx, this line of slide on liners is produced with a precision-made, coated on a long, thin barrel. The is then slides through the barrel and along the back of the tongue, exposing the content of the pencil, the pencil then hardens over time and becomes a strong, durable line. The liner is designed to be even more durable after being used and will last long, the Nyx lip liner slide on is a water resistant retractable lip liner that you can wear on the go. It includes an 12 section slide on container that allows for an enticing variety of colors to be stored, the slide on container is again lined with anti-viral silicone, so your lips will stay healthy and protected. Nyx Waterproof lip liner swatches! This liner is retractable so you can pick your favorite color as you please, the liner lives up to its name with a long, deep blue color that is outstanding to desire on your face. The brush also does a best-in-class job of definition and hiding any veins, if you're scouring for a liner to wear all day long, Nyx slide on Waterproof extreme color lip liner is the one for you! The Nyx pro makeup retractable lip liner is a first-rate alternative for admirers digging for a Waterproof liner. It grants a comfortable fit and the ability to stay in place with a standard power wash.