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Occ Sybil Lip Liner

Occ obsessive compulsive cosmetics is a best-in-class way for an admirer wanting for an innovative and cutting-edge makeup line, with their') unique and innovative lip liners, you'll be able to match any body type. The body nib technology ensures that your lips are always healthy and beautiful.

Occ Lip Liner Sybil

The Occ lip liner system between a dark black and a dark brown with each use, a pen type pencil, pen-like instrument, or a pen with a light in the end. The oblique movement results in a more complex and intricate design than with other pencils, the Occ lip liner system also provides an Occ lip liner system provides a more complex and intricate design than with other pencils. The Occ obsessive compulsive cosmetics color pencil is excellent for enthusiasts with a lip line that needs to be looked after! This pencil is fabricated with a soft, flexible material that makes it straightforward to create a line that is healthy and beautiful, the Occ obsessive compulsive cosmetics colour pencil is a first-class tool for individuals who crave to create their own caught-in-the-moment makeup looks. This pencil is designed to give the user a very thin, responsive line even for very thin coverage, the body nibble allows the user to provide an one-size-fits-all solution for all types of skin, without having to worry about getting too different or too many results. This pen pencil renders a black body and is topped with a white lip pencil that grants a small black nicks, the pen pencil imparts a small plastic container that contains the black body and white lip pencil. This pen pencil is conjointly capable of writing in notecards, which is top-rated for creating unique looks with your pen goods.