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Revlon Lip Liner Mink

Revlon colorstay long wear lip liner is an unrivaled surrogate for admirers searching for a long-lasting lip color, this line-up of colors offers a wide range and textures makes it basic to find a first-class look for your unique style. From the light and airy days out to the deep and dark eyes black, Revlon colorstay longwear lip liner offers you covered, with a seal, it comes from the american-made that only uses the best quality ingredients.

Revlon Mink Lip Liner

Revlon's Mink lip liner is a long-lasting line of black liner that lays down a beautiful dark black color, this liner is designed to be used with a (northwest face) seal and is available in two styles, the regular or extra-large. It is produced to be used on the lower and is available in two different shades, andブラック, the Revlon colorstay longwear lip liner is a top-grade way for lips when you need a hard and long-lasting color. It uses a slightly different formula than the other lip liners, which gives it a longer lifespan and easier to take care of, this liner also includes a heat resistant barrier to keep your heat away from your lips. Revlon color stay lip liner with soft fiction and built-in sharpener, this liner offers been designed with a soft, Mink skin will desire the colorstay lip liner. This liner features an 703 Mink and 713 ruby color design, it as well non-toxic and compliant with.