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Rouge Dior Ink Lip Liner 999

Introducing the christian Dior Rouge Ink lip liner 999 - 0, 03 oz this lip liner is a must-have for any Dior fanciers out there. With a sleek, modern design, this Ink liner is practical for your lip look, don't miss out on this incredibly popular lip liner.

Cheap Rouge Dior Ink Lip Liner 999

Looking for a beautiful red? Look no more than the christian Dior Rouge Dior Ink lip liner, this line of liners is classic red, and will give your lips the look of red paint being put into your skin. Available in 999 colors, the christian Dior Ink liner is an unique and powerful liner that is designed to add personality and visual interest to your eyeshadow application. This diorama style liner is black and features a Rouge Dior finish, the designer's take on this popular red color is sure to set the tone for an intense look. With a slightly wonky shape and a small ooze of red, this Ink liner is sure to add personality to your eyeshadow look, this is a new unboxing and opening. The color is red, the id is a lip liner made of high quality materials. It is manufactured of rubber and plastic, it is 6. 5 ounces, it grants a short name and is called "rouge Dior Ink lip liner 999". This is a fresh and new christian Dior Rouge Dior Ink lip liner, it is 0. 03 oz 1 ml) which is the equivalent of 0, 25 it is produced of with a natural blue color. It is an 1, 1 ml capacity which is about 0. 00001 cup 22 ml), this red color is terrific for brighten any skin tone. The brush is long and clear and can be easily manageable, it is fabricated of plastic with a black coating and is et for basic care.