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Sisley Lip Liner Beige Naturel

Is a brand that specializes in luxurious liner products, this Beige liner is no different. The product is a good match for your skin tone and is terrific for admirers with a bit of green in their hair, the liner does not smudge and does not leave your skin feeling dry or elastic. Is worth your time and money to try out.

Best Sisley Lip Liner Beige Naturel

The new Beige liner from is no longer a limited color! This outstanding liner is a Beige Naturel with a little bit of a dark brown undertone, it writes well with a thin consistency and grants a gentle hold. It don't leave your skin feeling dry or dry for long periods of time, are you hunting for a new lip liner that is both high-quality and affordable? Is an unrivaled way for you! This liner is manufactured with a levres Beige naturel. It is sensational to serve as your daily dose of color, then you need to look into the levres unequaled lipliner - Beige Naturel 1. 2 g lip color, this color is top-notch for admirers who covet something new and stylish, and it is available on sisley's online store today. This lip liner is produced with natural Beige pigment and is designed to look modern and aged-looking, it is able to do just that, provider says it will last up to $6 an use. We think this is a beneficial value, too, because you can use it for hours on end and it will still look fresh, if you're searching for a more subtle lip liner, this may be the right product for you. The liner uses a Beige powder that is designed to look like natural skin, without using any harsh chemicals.