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Wet N Wild Perfect Pout Gel Lip Liner I Got The Juice

Wet N wild's exceptional Pout Gel lip liner features a stylish, modern design, this line comes in 3 sets and each set contains 3 lip liners. Plus, they offer a free lip balm with each purchase.

Wet N Wild Lip Liner

Looking for a new, Wet n' Wild lip liner? Look no more than this 3-pack with The new, sexy packaging! The Juice line is back and better than ever before, how about lipstick? This set contains your favorite " Wet n' Wild " Wet lipstick in either black or brown. So whether you're The new, plus-sized line or just want to give 'out' on-the-go a good hard looks this set offers you covered, I Got The Juice new 6 pack. This Gel lip liner is outstanding for people with Pout lines, it's realistic and looks like they are wet. Are you in The market for a new lip liner? If so, then assess Wet N Wild exceptional Pout Gel liner - it's a delicious and fun design that will make you admire central living space even more, plus, it comes in The Juice new 6 ship for just $6. So don't wait any longer, get it today! The Wet n'wild first-rate Pout Gel lip liner is a sterling substitute to add a pop of color to your looks, this liner is manufactured with an exclusive "juice" formula which gives it a creative and delicious look. With its light, easy-to-use design and everlasting color staying power, The Wet n'wild top grade Pout Gel lip liner is practical for all types of makeup look-ups.