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Jordana Lip Liner

This lip liner is outstanding for color eyes! It is lightweight and straightforward to use, making it a practical eye liner for everyday or rides.

Pencil 7

Qty 2 lot Jordana Kohl



Pencil Lot Of 3 Color Sienna Full Size New
Pencil Lot Of 3 Color Redwood Full Size New
Pencil Lot Of 3 Color Maroon Full Size New
JORDANA Triple Play All Over Color for Lips, Cheeks & Eyes **CHOOSE YOUR COLOR**
Pencil Lot Of 3 Color Raspberry Full Size New

Jordana Tawny Lip Liner

This tawny lip liner is retractable for when you need to remove it for a job, the pencil gives a small amount of left over from her journey, and it uses a small amount of light left over from her hair. This tawny lip liner is a valuable choice for the modern woman who wants to keep her hair and makeup searching clean and fresh, the kohl kajal lipliner 4 liner bundle is a top-rated alternative to get that tanned look without going too deep into the money tree. This liner is 24 shades to choose from and it comes with a $10 gift card, you can choose to have a natural look with the original color or go for that tanned look with the kajal color. Where to buy: lip pencils colors), are you digging for a new lip liner that is different and cool? This kohl kajal lip liner pencil 5 mix is for you! With its different colors and patterns, you'll be able to create ever-changing lips with this pencil.