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Nyx Y2k Lip Liner

Looking for a substitute to avoid getting wrinkles? The Nyx 826 y2 k lip liner is a fantastic solution! This liner is fabricated with natural, nyc-quality ink and offers a thin, thin line, making your appearance look more aging-free, plus, it bit rocks.

Nyx Y2k Lip Liner Walmart

The Nyx 2 weight lip liner contains a slim line of deep violet color as the core color, this ink is valuable for shoppers digging for a color that looks true up-to-date. The Nyx 2 lip liner is specifically designed to look peerless with any look, whether you’re lips are in the hot seat or just trying to keep them cool, Nyx slim lipliner is a peerless alternative for you. The is a y2 k lip liner that uses a slim pen shape to write the year 2 ks in smaller sizes, this pen peerless for individuals searching for a less expensive and more stylish alternative to write off the meter or less. The Nyx y2 k lip liner is a fun and unique liner that will make your makeup look more modern and fresh-faced, this liner is manufactured from two different materials which makes it basic to application and comes with a fun licensed by Nyx symbol on the side. Modern, and sleek, it features a slim design that is in keeping with the nacreous style of the y2 k line. This liner uses a $8, 00 so you can pick it up at your earliest convenience.